Protecting Your Community
and Public Order Emergency Preparedness

Government Offices and Communities Emergency Safety & Security Management  Plan

Nesbitt & Associates customizes strategic plans that allows government entities and facilities to develop better emergency preparedness and response plans that address a myriad of threatening situations in less timetrain staff on that plan; and provide critical information within your company and to “first responding” public safety groups like the police, fire department, health agencies and more,  —  ensuring the best and quickest response to emergencies.

Nesbitt critical incident strategies can help government entities and facilities to build an integrated, comprehensive plan compliant with National Incident Management System methodology that can include:

  • An Integrated Security Assessmenta comprehensive evaluation to assess sites, facilitities, human resources, and existing security measures status and effectiveness, resulting in a step by step security measures implementation plan and security technology recommendations.
  • Crisis management response and procedures for all types of critical incidents like intruder, terror, weapons, and violent behavior threat as well pandemic, natural, and accidental disasters, and more
  • Preventive programs, procedures, and training for personnel and citizen protection
  • Plan development and training by credentialed law enforcement, emergency/crisis management, terror/violence threat, and public safety/danger subject matter experts
  • Emergency chain of command, command center checklist, and communications guidelines
  • Customizable planning to account for local hazards and resources
  • Mapping information and photos, including floor plans, utility shut-offs, access and evacuation routes, emergency staging areas and more
  • Electronic and hard copy plan documentation with annual reviews and updates
  • A read-only electronic copy of your plan’s critical data for public safety agencies

No Loose Ends
Integrated Security Audit
Safety/Security Review and Analysis for Government Offices and Communties

Did you know:

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, slips and falls are the third largest cause of workplace injuries, costing roughly $34,000 per incident, and accounting for over one million lost workdays every year.
  • According to law enforcement professionals, opportunistic assaults and illegal activities are more likely to happen in obscure and poorly seen areas.
  • Lack of effective security measures (technology, policies and procedures, etc.) accommodates fraud and theft by those inside and outside your organization?

Emergency preparedness starts with a comprehensive examination of your current situation. Nesbitt & Associates can conduct a fully integrated security audit that includes:

  • a physical assessment, including pictorial documentation, of your facility and grounds, as well as area hazards and crime statistics analysis
  • an examination of your current safety and security policies and procedures, including employee manuals
  • testing and evaluation of your current security measures, including communication systems
  • administration and staff perceptions of their environment

When completed, our audit will identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities and make recommendations that will help you to save lives, protect your operational continuity, guard against liability, and improve the morale and performance of your people.

Deter, Protect, and Save Resources
Video Security Solutions

High quality, properly placed and utilized video surveillance can yield a tangible return on investment.

According to the US Department of Justice, in their report about appropriate and effective use of security technologies in the school workplace, describes the advantages of video cameras as part of a close circuit television system as:

  • enhancing peace of mind
  • contributing to the overall order and maintenance of a facility
  • influencing how the facility is treated by occupants and outsiders
  • deterring crime and unwanted behaviors
  • identifying perpetrators
  • enabling dispatch of assistance at the first sign of distress
  • protection from fraudulent liability claims
  • freeing up manpower for redeployment to other tasks

With our strategic video technology partners, Nesbitt & Associates provides a resource for law enforcement grade high definition, networkable video surveillance hardware and software engineering that is customizable for the specific needs of nearly every environment and combines it with reliability, service, and training. 

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