Tom Nesbitt
Co-founder and president of Nesbitt & Associates, Inc., Tom Nesbitt has over 25 years of meritorious award-winning law enforcement and public safety experience, achieving the rank of Colonel as superintendent of a state-wide police force, and later serving as a city public safety director.  Tom Nesbitt has an extensive law enforcement education, including FBI training, with specialty training in executive protection and first response to critical incidents.

Mr. Nesbitt’s experience includes:

  • Law Enforcement and Management – As superintendent of a state-wide police force, Mr. Nesbitt was instrumental in launching VINE, a statewide notification system to victims, schools, daycares, and youth organizations about escaped or released sex offenders
  • Public Safety Preparedness and Management – As a city public safety director, he had oversight of city building safety, city emergency preparedness, and first responders like police and fire departments.
  • Executive Protection – Mr. Nesbitt was a key member of the security detail for two governors, and has provided executive protection for Fortune 100 clients and high profile public figures.
  • Criminal Investigation – As a state trooper, he conducted local and state-wide public and undercover work on criminal investigations, including drug enforcement.
  • Disaster Planning and Recovery – As a State Homeland Security Policy Advisor on terrorism and bio-terrorism,  Mr. Nesbitt was responsible for assessing and documenting Nebraska’s critical infrastructure and key assets, streamlining information sharing among intelligence and law enforcement agencies, and integrating information sharing across federal, state and local government entities, private industry, and citizenry.
  • Emergency Communication Integration – As Chairperson of the Statewide Communications Alliance of Nebraska, he was instrumental in implementing a statewide wireless communication network that allowed public safety agencies at all government levels to share a common communications infrastructure.

Tom Nesbitt is a member of ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security professionals, and Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP), a non-profit organization comprised of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, mental health professionals, and corporate security experts that provides and share information and education about all areas of case management in the field of threat assessment and management, equipping its members to best protect those in need and manage threatening or high-risk situations. Mr. Nesbitt is also a member of State Troopers Association of Nebraska, and the National Troopers Coalition. Additionally, in his tenure as Colonel and Superintendent of a state-wide police force, Mr. Nesbitt was a member of the International Association of Police Chiefs.

Lloyd Hansen
Co-founder and Vice President of Nesbitt & Associates, Inc., Lloyd Hansen has more than 25 years of award-winning law enforcement experience in a state-wide police force, earning the rank of Captain and Division Commander. Mr. Hansen has an extensive background in the protection of high profile public figures, security audits, and threat assessment.

Mr. Hansen’s experience includes:

  • Executive Protection – As a key member of the State Patrol Executive Protection Detail, Mr. Hansen provided safety and security analysis and armed security for five governors and visiting high ranking government officials. He also developed and oversaw the executive protection training program. As a private security operative, Mr. Hansen has led security details for fortune 100 clients and high profile public figures.
  • Security and Vulnerability Audits – As State Division Commander for Capitol Security, he was responsible for ensuring the safe environs of the Nebraska State Capitol complex and other public buildings, auditing the building and grounds for hazards, and overseeing emergency contingency plans.
  • Threat Assessment, Emergency Plan Development – In his tenure as Division Commander, Mr. Hansen was instrumental in developing and implementing the division’s threat assessment program – identification, prevention, assessment, intervention, and response to every kind of threat to public safety in government facilities, including bio-terrorism response.
  • Criminal Investigation – Mr. Hansen supervised and conducted criminal investigations as a trooper and officer with a state-wide police force.
  • Emergency Systems and Communication Integration – As a key member of the assessment team, he was instrumental in upgrading and integrating the surveillance and communication systems for the Nebraska State Capitol building, including access to all emergency agencies.

Lloyd Hansen is a member of ASIS International, the preeminent international organization for security professionals, the Association of Threat Assessment Professionals, the State Troopers Association of Nebraska, and the National Troopers Coalition. In his tenure as Captain and Division Commander of a state-wide police force, Mr. Hansen was also a member of the National Governor’s Security Association and the National Legislative Services and Security Association.

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