Identifying and
Managing Threats
to People, Property, Public Image, and Pocketbook

The Many Forms of Threat 

A stairwell with insufficient lighting.  An outdated emergency contingency plan.  An employee’s questionable behavior.  Poorly managed facility access.  Each can threaten the well-being of your organization.

Did you know that according to Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • For the last ten years, assaults and violent acts in the workplace continue as one of the top three leading causes of death of employees?
  • Slips and falls in your facility has an overall cost to your organization of about $34,000 per incident, and is the third leading cause of workplace accidents
  • National Institute for Prevention of Workplace Violence advises companies — big or small – to have a plan for addressing violence on company property, including a notification system and a designated safe place for retreat?
  • According to law enforcement professionals, opportunistic assaults and illegal activities are more likely to happen in obscure and poorly seen areas?
  • Lack of effective security measures (technology, policies and procedures, etc.) accommodates fraud and theft by those inside and outside your organization?

Your organization’s actions (or inaction) can inadvertently pose a threat to the safety of your employees, customers or the public, shut down your business or disrupt operations, or threaten your financial standing or public image.

Nesbitt & Associates’ team of operatives, consultants and strategic partners assists our clients in assessing the threat potential from individuals, groups, hazards and disaster, and help you prevent, prepare, manage, respond to, and recover in the best and quickest way to protect your people and assets. Members, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).

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