Defining “Emergency”

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) defines an emergency as any unplanned event that can cause deaths or significant injuries; shut down an organization or disrupt operations, significantly effect public order, cause physical or environmental damage, or threaten financial standing or public image.

What if Tragedy Struck?

Every school child goes through fire drills.  It’s part of being prepared in the event of a fire.  A plan is in place for response to a fire and everybody knows their roles and responsibilities.  But what about other kinds of emergencies?

It Won’t Happen Here

Times have changed.  What were unimaginable threats just a few years ago are now real possibilities in towns and organizations of every size. Whether you are an individual, business, healthcare organization, financial or educational institution, or government entity, an effective, comprehensive and easily updatable plan is critical to protect lives, assets, operations, and your public image.

Nesbitt & Associates can help you:

  • identify security vulnerabilities
  • identify and manage threat
  • prevent injury and damage
  • guard against liability claims
  • prepare for critical incidents (like violence, disaster, hazards, etc.)
  • respond to those incidents in a way that minimizes their effects, and
  • recover as quickly as possible

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