Managing Behavioral Threat

 What is Behavioral Threat?

Behavioral threat is a human expression, by any means of communication (written, verbal, body language, or action), of the intention to inflict or cause some type of harm to a person, group, building or other entity.

If an individual from inside or outside your organization posed any kind of threat, what would you do?    More importantly, what can you or should you do? What if you just suspected an individual of the potential for harm?  What are your options?

Assessment, Intervention, and Protection

Did you know:

  • According to law enforcement statistics, the majority of employees that commit workplace violence have worked for their employer for several years?
  • According to workplace safety experts:
    • angry emotions that precipitate heinous workplace crimes are usually evident before an incident?
    • most employers have some sort of workplace violence policy but fail to communicate those guidelines to workers?
    • how an employer handles an unstable employee can either add to or diffuse the escalation of a potentially violent outburst?
  • According to a 2008 Department of Justice survey, more than half of the stalking victims in the survey lost 5 or more days from work. About 130,000 victims reported that they had been fired from or asked to leave their jobs because of the stalking.

Law enforcement and workplace safety experts recommend all managers and supervisors should be trained on how to identify the early warning signs and what steps to take when an employee is considered a work-violence risk.

Threat Management Solutions

Nesbitt & Associates and their consultant partners can help you protect your people, operations, and assets by:

  • assessing your current security policies and procedures, including human resources practices and employee manuals, workplace violence and violent intrusion strategies
  • recommending strategies to deter and respond to violent and unacceptable employee behavior
  • uncovering/assessing a possible threat posed by an employee/ex-employee through profiling actions and communication
  • providing assistance in the termination of an employee who is threatening
  • large and small group safety issues presentation seminars covering topical and on-going general and industry-specific safety issues (harrassment, bullying/cyber-bullying, conflict management, violent patient management, sexting, and more)
  • providing safety training – danger and predator awareness; and personal defensive and preventative strategies.

Nesbitt & Associates can help you keep violence, injury, and damage from being part of your workplace experience.  Members, Association of Threat Assessment Professionals (ATAP).


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