When You Could Be A Target

High profile individuals are often targets of unwanted attention, intrusion, and threat.  They are sometimes at risk for injury, abduction, or even death.  Safely traveling, attending events, and even conducting business can be a challenge, and possibly dangerous.

If your wealth, professional standing, or public profile puts you at risk, Nesbitt & Associates can help.  Nesbitt & Associates has provided short and long term executive protection services for Fortune 100 clients and high profile individuals who clearly have their choice of resources.  They choose Nesbitt and Associates because we have professionally trained and experienced operatives, led by an executive team  who has over fifty years of combined experience in law enforcement, criminal investigation, public safety, executive protection, and emergency preparedness.  Members, ASIS International, the preeminent organization for security professionals.

Nesbitt & Associates can provide an individualized comprehensive protection plan that can include services like these and more:

  • advance reconnaissance to assess layouts, potential hazards, and mitigating situations
  • travel logistics
  • assessment of available emergency resources
  • mapping of efficient routes to needed and emergency destinations
  • weather conditions monitoring
  • area crime statistics analysis
  • visitor screening
  • armed security
  • security briefings


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