Nesbitt & Associates’ operatives are uniquely qualified and experienced in protection, public safety, organizational security assessments, and emergency prevention, preparedness, and response.  Our clients can feel confident that the Nesbitt & Associates operatives providing security services are all licensed, credentialed, and experienced current or former law enforcement personnel with a variety of specialized training to meet their security needs.


Nesbitt & Associates partners with industry-recognized consultants to deliver safety and security solutions to our clients.  Our team and consultant partners have extensive education and experience in the fields of:

  • counter-terriorism
  • emergency preparedness
  • public safety
  • behavioral profiling
  • crime statistics analysis
  • weapons threat
  • predator analysis
  • stalking
  • forensic science
  • executive protection
  • workplace and school violence
  • violent patient management
  • bullying/cyberbullying
  • harrassment and discrimination
  • stalking
  • confrontation management
  • student/faculty relationships
  • hazing
  • sexting
  • teen suicide
From advanced academic degrees to elite certifications, and even fellowships from the FBI Academy in Quantico, Nesbitt & Associates consulting partners are among the nation’s most credentialed, experienced, and successful.  Learn more about Nesbitt safety seminars and trainingLearn more about Nesbitt consulting services to assess and manage threatening behavior

Learn more about the credentials of our Consulting Partners.

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