Safety Seminars
Awareness, Education, and Strategies



Nesbitt & Associates can help your organization have a responsive understanding of general, topical, and industry-specific safety issues facing individuals, groups, and organizations.  Our team and consultant partners are industry recognized experts in many of the issues threatening the security and safety of our communities, businesses, and families.

Nesbitt & Associates can provide large or small group consulting seminar presentations to help your organization:

  • gain a deeper understanding of general safety/security issues
  • develop awareness of topical safety and security issues and assess their impact on your organization
  • learn strategies to prevent, respond, and mitigate these threat issues based on best practices, acknowledged research, and expert experience.

Small and Large Group Seminar Topics

  • counter-terrorism
  • workplace violence
  • school violence
  • violent patient management
  • bullying/cyber bullying
  • confrontation management
  • student/faculty relationships
  • hazing
  • sexting
  • teen suicide
  • dating violence

Our commitment to on-going education brings us new certifications all the time.  Contact us to inquire about any safety and security issues of interest to your organization.

Personal Safety Training
Threat Awareness and Response Strategies

Nesbitt & Associates can help individuals or groups to develop awareness of potential dangers and train them in the prevention and response strategies that can help to protect lives, prevent or minimize injury, and protect property.

Our personal safety experts are experienced and credentialed law enforcement professionals who have specialized training in:

  • danger awareness
  • weapons threat
  • personal defensive tactics
  • predator analysis
  • stalker mentality and response
  • sexual harassment and sexual assault defensive strategies
  • violent patient management

Let Nesbitt & Associates help you be prepared.  The life you save may be your own.


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