Is Your Current Security
Really Working?

If you currently have measures in place like emergency/contingency plans, video surveillance, security personnel, and security policies and procedures, you already recognize the importance of security. Nesbitt and Associates can help you ensure your systems and policies address all your security needs in the most efficient and effective way, bringing you the best return on investment.

Nesbitt & Associates can provide an experienced objective third-party analysis of:

  • your existing facility security technology including alarm and access systems, surveillance, and emergency communication systems
  • your internal security force or security contractor
  • your current security policies and procedures
  • your human resources practices, including employee manual review

Our executive team, operatives, and strategic partners include experts in video security technology, law enforcement, facility security audits, and workplace violence, threat management, and public safety. Nesbitt & Associates can conduct a review of your existing security as a stand-alone service or part of an integrated security assessment.

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