Nesbitt & Associates Inc., led by an executive team with over fifty years of award winning experience in law enforcement and public safety,  provides security solutions for businesses, educational and financial institutions, healthcare, government, and individuals that protect lives, assets, order, and public image.

With our team of professionally trained and experienced operatives, consultants, and strategic partners, Nesbitt & Associates helps our clients to:

  • Prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from emergencies and critical incidents
  • Identify security and policy weaknesses that threaten lives, assets, daily operations, income, and public order or image
  • Develop and implement safety and security measures that protect lives, infrastructure, operations, and assets.
  • Deal with inappropriate and/or threatening behavior that puts individuals and assets at risk
  • Learn about strategies to identify threat and protect individuals from physical harm, and assets from loss or damage
  • Travel, lodge, meet, and make public appearances in total security

Together, we can work towards a safer community.




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