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Our Clients and Endorsements   

Our clients choose us because we offer: 

  • in depth expertise from qualified experts
  • training on a variety of subject matters critical to the safety and security of the educational environment
  • easy to use and understand prevention, response, command, and control guides
  • flexible implementation plans based on school budgeting parameters

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 Embergency Plan Development

Emergency Safety & Security Management Plan
Risk management planning to prepare for, prevent, respond, and recover from critical incidents including:

    • Outside Intrusion
    • Workplace Violence
    • Natural Disasters/Hazards
    • Public Health/Pandemic Threat

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Audit checklist, with tick against "audit satisfactory",

Audit checklist, with tick against “audit satisfactory”,

Integrated Security Assessment
Comprehensive assessment and analysis of your school’s security posture including:

    • Physical site inspection, pictorial site mapping, area hazards review, and area crime statistics
    • In place security measures review
    • Security technology review
    • Security policies/procedures review
    • Admin/staff security perception survey

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 No sexting

Safety Issue Consulting/Seminars
Large or small group presentations on general and topical school safety issues including:

  • Bullying/Cyber bullying 
  • Sexting
  • Youth Suicide
  • Hazing
  • Dating/Sexual Violence
  • Substance Abuse
  • Student/Faculty Relationships
  • Behavioral Threat Assessment
  • School Workplace Violence

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Personal Safety Training
Danger awareness, defensive postures, and response strategies including:

  • weapons threats
  • predator and stalker threat
  • harassment
  • sexual violence

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Video Security SolutionsLaw enforcement grade high definition, networkable video surveillance hardware and software engineering that is customizable for the specific needs of the educational market.

  • ​hardware, software, and networkable video systems
  • mobile, portable, and fixed surveillance solutions

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