Deter, Protect, and Save Resources
Law Enforcement Grade High Definition Clarity

High quality, properly placed and utilized video surveillance can yield a tangible return on investment.

The US Department of Justice, in reviewing the appropriate and effective use of security technologies in the school environment workplace, reports the advantages of video cameras as part of a closed circuit television system as:

enhancing peace of mind

contributing to the overall order and maintenance of a facility


  • influencing how the facility is treated by occupants and outsiders
  • deterring crime and unwanted behaviors
  • identifying perpetrators
  • enabling dispatch of assistance at the first sign of distress
  • protection from fraudulent liability claims
  • freeing up manpower for redeployment to other tasks

With our strategic video technology partners, Nesbitt & Associates provides a resource for law enforcement grade high definition, networkable video surveillance hardware and software engineering that is customizable for the specific needs of nearly every environment and combines it with reliability, service, and training. 


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